The Kingdom of Dreams is an organization in the making or still in the ‘dream-phase’. The first step has been taken; the birth of an idea / dream of an organization or business to create dreams and to make dreams come true.

The main idea of this organisation is to function as an events organisation. In the Kingdom of Dreams ‘event’ is defined as a creative, fantastic (thus fantasy-theme based) out of the ordinary happening. Thus most, if not all functions will be planned and co-ordinated within a specific theme. A percentage of the funds raised at every event will be given to children’s charity organisations, in order to help some dreams come true!

All elements such as food, décor, music, costumes / dress-code and related entertainment will present a specific theme. The organization will start it’s baby steps, as an organization that plans and presents ‘theme-parties’ for the youth, students and those still young at heart!